Microsoft to ‘force’ Windows 10 on those yet to upgrade

Microsoft have decided that everyone should be using Windows 10, whether or not they want it.

Early in 2016 a round of updates will include the W10 download for Win 7 and Win 8/8.1 users. This will download the required installation files without prompting from the user. Considering the download is at least 3.5Gb, those users with capped download contracts should be aware that this is coming. They may want to schedule any updates so that they don’t run out of bandwidth at the end of the month when they are only halfway through the update.

Once the files have downloaded, there will then be a prompt ‘inviting’ those users to update.

Microsoft currently have Win10 installed on 110 million machines. They want to make that 1 billion machines very quickly and this is a comment provoking way to do it. There are numerous posts around the internet expressing disgust that Microsoft are pushing this without asking although a substantial portion seem to be people who have tried to install and have had issues.

If you want to avoid the download then the only way to do so is to switch off automatic updates. Bear in mind that doing so means that NO updates are installed, including those Microsoft deems to be required such as security patches.