Renault Digital Speedometer – Ever wondered how to change the units of speed?

Change your Renault speedometer from kilometres per hour to miles per hour and vice versa. If you own a Renault with a digital speedometer (odometer) then you will have realised by now that it does not follow the old norm of having a nice dial with both Miles per hour and Kilometres per hour around the edge. You will only have MPH displayed if yours is a UK model so when you cross borders you have to guess what the equivalent KPH speed is. This has obvious implications when you realise how many speed enforcement options are in use these days. It’s in the handbook though, isn’t it?

Well that’s what I thought, but actually it isn’t mentioned anywhere. The handbook covers the display itself, but doesn’t mention how to change between the two options. So I believed that it wasn’t an available option. Just something they forgot to do and we had to put up with it. Quite a lot of searching has changed that for me. And it’s really simple to do!

  1. You must ensure that the engine is completely switched off. Take the key card from the slot, open the door and then close it.
  2. Hold the top button on the wiper stalk (don’t let go until you reach the very end).
  3. Insert the keycard into the slot, and at the same time press the start button briefly.
  4. You will see the mph reading start to flash. Keep holding the top stalk button, allow it to continue and you will see it change to KPH, BUT DON’T LET GO YET!
  5. Once the KPH has stopped flashing, let go of the button on the stalk.
  6. That’s it! You have now changed the display to Kilometres per hour.

Obviously, you just repeat the steps to get back to your original configuration.